Face Up

Deep-Pore Cleansing Facial combining nourishment, therapeutic touch and skin-healing therapy

50 min./$119


Anti-Stress and Revitalizing Treatment for devitalized, stressed and dull skin to help promote a healthy looking skin. Great for travelers.

50 min./$169

Deep Firm

Intensive Collagen Firming Treatment to instantly increase skin elasticity and firmness

50 min./$169

Hydra Deep

Intensive Hydrating Treatment to instantly plump skin cells with extra moisture and enhance skin's suppleness

50 min./$169


Intensive Lifting and Line-Erasing Treatment for sagging, aging skin to redefine face contour for a more youthful and rejuvenated skin

50 min./$169

Red No More

Soothing Treatment to help reduce redness and irritation for a hydrated and rejuvenated glow. Great for rosacea and sunburn skin

50 min./$169

Cal Repair

Intensive Skin Redensifying Calcium Treatment for thinning, mature and menopause skin to intensely nurture skin cells and increase firmness

50 min./$169

Brighten Up

Skin Brightening Treatment for fatigued and dull looking complexion to instantly provide luminosity and a healthy glow

50 min./$169

Glyco White

Skin Whitening Treatment with melanin-inhibiting active ingredients to fade away dark spots for an even tone and radiant skin. Recommended for acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmented skin.

50 min./$169


Deep-Pore Cleansing and Oil-Control Facial for oily skin to decongest pores, balance skin and diminish irritation

80 min./$229