Hands & Feet

Hands On

Smoothing Spa Manicure with grooming of nails and cuticles

$30, with Gel $55

Hands Up

Spa Manicure enhanced by hydrating exfoliation and paraffin dip

$55, with Gel $80


Spa Pedicure with grooming of nails, cuticles and soles

$55, with Gel $80

Go Barefoot

Callus Reducing Spa Pedicure with hydrating paraffin dip

$85, with Gel $110

Silky Mask

Hydrating Vitamin E Paraffin Dip

Hands $20 Feet $30

French Look

French Finish for Manicure or Pedicure

Hands or Feet $10

Change Me

Change of Nail Polish

Hands or Feet $15, French $20, Gel $25